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join [27 Dec 2004|10:11am]

join hawt_az_fcuk NOW ;D
your look

[28 Sep 2004|10:29pm]

[ mood | bored ]

hay, I'm gunna go. Add me if ya want ♥

your look

♥ You Know You Love It ♥ [23 Sep 2004|04:19pm]
[ mood | excited ]

ohh soo sexxayyCollapse )

your look

[13 Aug 2004|01:59am]

im leaving sorry
this community isnt too active
your look

[12 Aug 2004|10:42pm]

the rating community thing kind of took over my life so now i'm going to say bye! especially with school starting and everything... i'll miss you all and comment here and add me if you want! <3 i love friends! maybe i'll come back someday.. <3 melissa
your look

You Know You Love it [01 Aug 2004|11:36pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

applicationCollapse )

010 L♥VE your look

leaving [26 Jul 2004|06:58pm]

im leaving all communities.. I havent been too active and i don't come on here that much anymore. add me if you like, leave a comment on my site and ill add you back<3
your look

STAMPED BABY! [23 Jul 2004|06:36pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Finally a day when I dont look like TOTAL shit... I took some pics of myself: (their kinda big)... but I've been inactive.. so here

pieces of meCollapse )

07 L♥VE your look

[16 Jul 2004|03:43pm]

i'm going on vacation.. i'll be back July 30th.. i'll miss you all <3 melissa [xposted]
your look

[12 Jul 2004|03:36pm]

back from the beach.
took tons of pics which you can find at

heres a few..
+5Collapse )
your look

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